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Dec 6, 2012 7:00pm PST
purchased cars from the hansens for the last 50 years or so and so, he asked me to talk about this and i'm not sure who i tell about switching over to the -- for the presentation -- threw go where we started with the site is meeting the enhancements of the hansen's dealership and the neighborhood and so the way we did that the increased capacity current site it's smaller than the showroom that we currently have and so we took the showroom requirement and is split it and stacks those two functions on top of each other it allows the hansens to tailor the sales process because they know the neighborhood and consumers very well they will be able to stress the function there and holds the corner and holds the anchor for a gaping tooth in the neighborhood so, and one of the things that was raised when it stack was brant about is there were concerns about the building mass and so one of the things that we put into place, we will see in the ground floor here, it's a little bit washed out but the curve wall is actually meant to recall the racing history of ally and so we call it is roadway curve
Dec 29, 2012 9:05pm EST
of fantastic people in this room and that does not happen very often. in 1988, nasa scientist james hansen told a congressional hearing that it was 99% certain that burning fossil fuels was heating the earth's atmosphere. the next day, a new york times headline proclaimed a "global warming has begun." decades later, dr. hansen and others are still trying to convince the united states of these basic observations. about half of american now accept the fact. 40% do not. over the next hour, we will discuss clients -- climate science and public opinion with james hansen. today, dr. hansen is receiving [applause] i've interviewed a lot of fantastic people in this room and that doesn't happen very often. welcome to climate one, a conversation about america's energy, economy and environment. i'm greg dalton. in 1988, nasa scientist james hansen told a congressional hearing that it was 99% certain that burning fossil fuels was heating the earth's atmosphere. the next day, a new york times headline proclaimed, quote, global warming has begun, expert tells senate. a quarter century later, dr. hansen and o
Dec 29, 2012 4:00am EST
that happens, sorry, guys, time to go home. one of the best examples a company formerly known as hansen national. one of the hottest stocks in 2004, hottest stock in 2005, hottest stock in 2006, and it went from $18 in 2005 to 205 in 2006. the whole way up, hansen, a beverage company that got momentum from monster energy drink, so much momentum with this energy drink it renamed the company monster. ultimately, it was a fad that would dry out and crash. it took years for the momentum to top out. i knew how stocks worked. peaked in july 2006, in part because they did a 5-1 split. even though they weren't supposed to do anything this encouraged people who had been in hansen a long time to take it off the table. and it picked up its fourth analyst, may 10, 2006 when goldman started covering the stock. two months to sell between goldman's initiation and the stock peak. prudence dictated we sell once the stock had four analysts. better to clear out early with inning than to wait for them to fade away. hansen and all other hot stocks started to cool off. and incredibly after hansen fell off th
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Dec 18, 2012 1:00am PST
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Dec 30, 2012 12:35am EST
are pumping it in this year? what do we have to do to get it to stay down to that line? >> james hansen has made a passionate argument for 450 ppm being too high. even we we bought co2 back to 350, that would barely be necessary to make some of the changes. we're well above 350. we are now at 394 ppm. there may not be a magic number. it is a matter of extent and how much risk we want to subject ourselves to. if you want to think of it as a freeway, you would like to get off at the soonest exit ramp you can but if you missed that first exit ramp, you still want to take that next ramp. it does not mean you stay on the freeway in oblivion. he has done the numbers pretty carefully. we have 5 times as much fossil fuels already the available known reserves that we are ready to access. we have five times the amount necessary to give us 2 degrees celsius, three and a half degrees fahrenheit. dangerous warming of the climate system. we cannot afford to tap into the reserves we already have available, let alone be exploring, investigating other additional reserves. that is the bottom line. >> it is h
Dec 30, 2012 1:40am EST
with our producer jane ann right there, and then i welcome your comments for dr. hansen. let's invite the audience participation. yes, welcome to climate one. >> thank you. congratulations. you deserve this award and thank you to all the scientists who are here who are providing we, policy makers and activists, with the information we need. i'm holly kaufman. my question is, in addition to the price on carbon, for some shorter term measures, what is your opinion on dealing with some of the shorter term but higher global warming potential gases like methane, which might not be as politically controversial to deal with? >> yes. i think methane and black carbon and some of the trace gases are -- it's important that we deal with those and they may be the way on which we can handle the faustian bargain. because as the sulfate aerosols decrease, we've got to try to find a different way to reduce the climate forcing the energy imbalance, that is caused by removing the sulfate. so i think those are important, but i -- the priority has to be on co2 on the -- because of the fact that if we cont
Dec 29, 2012 11:30pm EST
. it is a different story. over the next hour, we will discuss opinion, with james hansen and our live audience here at the in san francisco. today, dr. hansen is receiving the 2012 stephen schneider award for outstanding climate science climate one. stephen schneider was a who was involved in the formation of climate one that[applause] sandy. new york? to place it in a modern context, we have to turn to proxy data like coral and ice to piece together the puzzle of how the climate buried in the distant past. it showed it was relatively warm. it was about a thousand years ago. recently that exceeded anything we have seen. it was featured in the summary for policy makers in 2001. when it became an icon, those who find the science inconvenient saw the need to try to discredit this graph. they saw discrediting me as a way to do that. some have been attacked for the work they have done. i was also bill of five. my book tells the story of what it is like to be a scientist and find yourself in voluntary and accidental public figure. i was put in the limelight in limelight. [laughter] stick metaphor -- >> y
Dec 24, 2012 2:00am PST
a real opportunity in the corporate space. >> young people like 18-year-old daniel hansen. he's training as a computer specialist, paid for by the state and local authorities. once he's a qualified programmer, he'll be able to work for companies such as danish telekom or microsoft. in a way, thorkil sonne's company isn't all that different from any other consulting firm. >> i think he will be fantastic. >> thank you! >> before they can successfully join the world of work, these young people also need to get better at adapting to other people. today, they're off to copenhagen -- the trip takes them through the i.t. hub of ballerup, denmark's very own silicon valley. a few rounds of football help the team drop their defenses. >> by the book this should be difficult because this is about foreseeing how other will act in different situations. that's great skills and great practice. >> he can't resist taking a shot himself. 52-year-old thorkil sonne has also an appointment in copenhagen with a commercial business partner of specialisterne. he doesn't meet his partners as much as he'd like --
Dec 16, 2012 5:00pm PST
by hansen. that led to a janikowski 50-yard field goal. 6-0 raiders. third quarter, mcfadden, with a 19-yarder. that led to jap cow ski's fourth field goal of the game. 12-0 raiders. mike goodson, spends away from one tackle. shake and bakes around another. 43 of his 89 on the ground and that led to, you guessed it, another field goal. 15-0 raiders. but the raider defense did shut out the chiefs. snapping a six-game skid behind janikowski's five field goals, 15-0 the final. >> andrew luck and his colds fighting for a wild card spot against the texans. the scoop and score, 23 texans. this 61-yarder to hill wasn't enough. tox with the 29-17 victory. >> denver sealed the afc west division weeks ago but has a chance for top spot. flacco is picked off. goes 98 yards, but made it into the end zone. peyton manning, threw only one touchdown pass to decker. broncos with the nine-game win streak, trail the texans by one game. 34-17 the final. >>> the patriots beat the 49ers tonight they're the second seed in the afc because they own the tiebreaker over denver. 49ers are the second seed. a loss to
Dec 12, 2012 8:00pm PST
at hansen parks with all of the seating parks ton and retaining walls and have some consistency on the park sign anal where the name of the park is recessed in the concrete paul wall and so site furnishings as well as benches and water founds and so there is consistency. >> and pathways? >>> not at this time because much of the pathway runs along existing streets and at this time we are not looking at that but pathway materials we have found this new product that we think we will be using in other parks as well and so. >> and to the point earlier there was a park we went to and there was a park i have got out of town visitor and we want to go to that park. hairing ton. >> i hope you didn't take anyone to crane co, no, harrison park and it's already having the desired effect of becoming a disintegrate nation so thank you. >> item 11 a informational presentation under proposed infrais it true tour financial district over port property. >> good evening commissioners brad ben son special projects manager elane forbs and i will be (ing this and this is a a port structure financing d
Dec 6, 2012 6:30pm PST
it over to andy hansen with royal motors. >> hi i'll try try to make this quick i have been doing business in the district for seven decades my grandfather opened up a repair shop in the 30ing and when he was 15 he came to look for work in the golden gate bridge and started sweeping floored floors in a body shop and he learned to fix cars and then acquired the volunteer sorrow frarch frarches in 19 fix and my dad received a,phd in economics at imerkally and grew the dealership for over 100 employee and is i came to the dealership five year ago and employ more than 150 employee and is i'm proud of being in the neighbor for seven decades and we have been engaged in the
Nov 30, 2012 10:00pm PST
to be having? joining me now to have some of that argument is chris hansen president of the american cancer society. the cancer action network. thank you, chris. you do great work. i'm a big fan of your effort. >> thanks you. it is good to be here. >> as i said, we all support what you do here. but why should we subsidize you. why should my taxes subsidize you. and not just you, but museums and rich guys' alma maters. >> first of all, we add charitable deduction in this country since 1917, i believe is when it went into effect. it is part of our society. it leverages a whole variety of things. if all of the services that are done by not for profits, and there are all kinds of not for profits out there, and what happen says they do a lot of things that governments would have to do otherwise. when people talk about making governments smaller, it is a lot harder if you don't have charitable organizations that do disaster relief and any other number of things. health services, et cetera. let me give you an example of the american cancer society. we are the largest funder of cancer research in t
Dec 16, 2012 11:00pm EST
years, but if chris hansen has his way, that could be even sooner. he's the lead lawyer for the american civil liberties union in what could be a landmark case against myriad genetics and the u.s. patent office. the case has the support of nearly the entire medical establishment that deals with genetics. >> all of those people are saying, "the patents in this case hurt women's health." >> hansen says that myriad's patents are unconstitutional and should be invalidated. >> there's a longstanding patent law doctrine that says you can't patent the laws of nature and products of nature and abstract ideas. and that's what happens when you patent genes. >> but what was the rationale of the patent office in approving this? >> that isolating and purifying the gene is so transformative that it makes it a different thing. >> but it's still not an invention? >> they would say that by taking it out of your body and stripping away some of the pieces, they--it's no longer a product of nature. it's now an invention. we think that's nonsense. if myriad develops a new drug, a new treatment, a new test, t
Dec 10, 2012 8:00am PST
in congressman hansen clark, a detroit democrat. congressman, great to have you here. i want to start with the president going to be wheels up in just a moment in your neck of the woods today to put the pressure on publicly for republicans to pass these tax cuts for the middle class. which he says that he would sign right away. but republicans have certainly been critical of the president's public campaign. do you think that this would be a better time, certainly coming off the heels of a face to face yesterday with speaker boehner, to spend more time behind closed doors hammering out a deal than going on the road? >> no. i think the best way to break this political gridlock in washington is to go directly to the american people because it's we the people that can demand the politicians and congress resolve this fiscal cliff, but resolve it in a way that makes our country stronger. that's why the president's come here to metro detroit. we're the home for u.s. manufacturing. also we're the home for the american worker. we need to resolve our fiscal problems, but resolve them in a way t
Dec 6, 2012 9:00pm CST
getting into the holiday spirit today making a party for kindergarten students from hansen park elementary school he made an early appearance of the 25th district police station where the gathering was held they had plenty of presence to hand out he was supporting members of the community and area businesses if fourth century bishop who had a reputation for secret gift giving, tom skilling in the holiday mood. not going to fire us. we would be lost without micah here. we have regular weekend barbeques. we have some interesting weather going on here a whole series of little weather disturbances will get this one that will rain on us tonight off and on tomorrow it even puts a los no nearby tomorrow night up to the north and west of the city then a second one comes and which will put us right near the rain and snow line here is a look at tomorrow evening look how close the line is even kenosha county may get in on some of this note. and a little pico son then the next one develops. fortunately they are moving fairly quickly but there are snow advisory's in the places marked in white. the patt
Dec 8, 2012 4:00pm PST
down robert hansen who took down the agent. no lives were endangered by the 2008 loss, no it fraud occurred as a result, but how did this happen? >> according to our sources, the contractor was transporting two tapes from a pouch from secret service headquarters in washington to a now-closed data facility in maryland. the sources say the contractor got off a train, later realized the pouch had been left behind, the secret service and metro police were contacted. an aggressive search took place, but one source tells us the tapes have not been recovered. in a statement, the secret service says, these backup tapes were not marked or identified in any way and were protected by multiple layers of security. they could not be accessed without the proper equipment, mrikts applications and encoding. still, why put sensitive information about agents or anything else on a removable disk? >> will part of the reason i think, and this is conjecture, in 2008 when this occurred, some of the information might have been on removable disks because that's how they transported information. we have leap
Dec 29, 2012 8:00pm EST
it down to hold that line? >> our award be here today, james hansen, has made an argument for that being too high. even if we were to bring co2 back to 50 ppm, that would barely be enough necessary to prevent long-term changes, even if we were to sustain at that level. of course, we are now well above 50. we are now at 90. it may not be a magic number. it is the extent of the risk and how much risk we want to subject ourselves to. think of it as a freeway. you would like to get off at the soonest exit ramp you can, but if you miss the first exit ramp, you still want to take the next one. it does not mean you stay on the freeway until oblivion. this has been framed pretty easily. -- he is fully. -- usefully. rea five times as much fossil fuel already of -- we have five times as much fossil fuel already available in reserves to give us to degrees celsius warming in the climate system. we cannot afford to tap into the reserves we already have available, let alone exploring and investigating additional reserves. that is the bottom line. >> any last word? >> i think it is hard to look this is
Dec 26, 2012 9:00am EST
manicures can be time consuming and a little expensive. sally hansen salon came out with this insta gel strip. this is the strip plus the gel. what we get in this starter kit, this cool little mini l.e.d. lamp. >> what you need to set it. >> to cure your nails. getting the nail strips, they come in tons of different colors, and top koet as well. this is a two-step process. no dry time. no smudges, no stress at all. >> how much is this one? >> $29.99 as well. it's a really good deal. you can continue to use the system over and over again. >> this is what willie was really excited about, l.e.d. tweezers. with this you can actually see, finally -- it's about time somebody thought about this, what you're tweezing. >> here is the l.e.d. light, spotlight l.e.d. tweezer from re revlon. you don't need natural light. you can see those ingrown hairs. >> i have this one for willie. >> thank you. >>> checking in to see how royals do things in the u.k. this year after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. qua
Dec 9, 2012 8:00am EST
's good for the whole family. we have this dance with us. >> welcome to the hansen. >> this is something that is going to be good for the whole family. the kids will enjoy this as well. >> everything rolls off at noon. we are going to do storytelling. it's going to be in the overseer's house until you get a different perspective. everybody likes stories. we all like stories. then it is a yuletide open house in the mansion here from 1:00 until about 5:00. you can spend as much or if your kids are getting antsy, or as little time as you want. you can keep moving. it's really neat. we will have guides in every room to tell you history. we also have crafts for the kids. and i would also have a sing- along. the sing-along is in the great hall rate here in the mansion. so you can join in, or if you want to listen to the famous tenor thing by himself, you can do that. it is very participatory. it's a lot of fun. though matter how old or young, you will love it. >> this year celebrating the bicentennial. you did something fun
Dec 14, 2012 11:00am PST
we have any words for it. jonathan, thank you. let's go to chris hansen now on the phone with us making the way up to the scene. chris? >> hi, lester. how are you? >> good. yeah, chris, you're on the air now. are you at the scene now? >> i'm not at the scene, lester. i pulled over to speak with you for a little bit here. i can tell you -- i don't want to repeat what colleague jonathan said but obviously we now know that the suspect is ryan lanza, 20 years old. teacher at the school. sources are telling me that lanza had besides the military style outfit. three guns, a long assault type rifle and two pistols. in terms of the crime, it appears that so far and coming from two different sources and fluid investigation that a lot of the 18 children might have been in the very same classroom. and that it was a classroom that, you know, his mother worked at when they started tracing the addresses back that's when authorities found his mother dead earlier today so they're still processing that crime scene. they're still obviously a lot to do at the school and figure out why 20-year-old r
Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
carrington and mike hansen, leblg laiflegislative fellows do the committee on appropriations, be granted privileges of the floor during the fiscal year 2013 disaster assistance supplemental. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. leahy: and, mr. president, just so senators will know, it is my understanding the first nominee, fernando olguin of california, will be a voice vo vote. and the second one for mr. dirkin will be a roll call vote, which i understand from the senator from iowa, which is, of course, perfectly acceptable to the democratic side. mr. president, i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from iowa. mr. grassley: would it be appropriate if i ask for a roll call vote on judge dirkin? presiding officer: the senator is correct mr. grassley: i ask for a roll call vote. the presiding officer: is there a sufficient second? there appears to be. the yeas and nays are ordered. mr. grassley: i won't use my entire time, so if anybody else wants to speak, there will be time between now and 5:30 to speak. i think both -- both of these nominees will be approved over
Dec 30, 2012 7:30pm EST
around the american version they are somewhat different. either way, my publisher, john hansen who is right. and his wife, judy is on the air. here in the united states they do wonderful things. they do wonderful, creative publishing, especially in a world where nobody reads anymore were very few do, so you do so i'm glad you're here tonight. so after it came out in spain, and spanish at university of valencia, nauseous come out october 1st year in the state. and it changes the bunches of. a lot of the stuff i changed was john's idea. he said he was absolutely right. he said the ship to hear you don't think understand and he also made some wonderful suggestions. so we took a chapter out and instead put in an afterword, what it was like to get out of the diplomatic service and go to rutgers university where it been every since as a professor in the very late 60s, early 70s. i went there in 69 and i'm still there. i was supposed to go to vietnam as a u.s. cultural attachÉ in spain and by this time i thought the worst these idea and i'll say three little children i wasn't going to be
Dec 28, 2012 4:00am PST
have the chair of the utah shooting sports council and casey hansen, a special education teach they're trained to use a gun at clark's class. thank you, both. clark, have you been teaching these courses for a long time. i guess after newtown, you want to kick it up. free instruction to public service workers, teachers, other people other than teachers what do you intend to do? what has the response been? >> well, we're teaching -- pore the past 12 years, we have taught school employees free of charge. a fantastic turnout yesterday. we are not arming teachers. far be it. it's up to them whether they want to obtain the permit and want to get a firearm. it's still up to them if they carry it in the schools. after the events in connecticut and aurora, colorado, a lot more teachers are going to go to school armed are are what's it take to get a conceal carry measure mitt in utah? >> takes a class by certified instructor. plenty of those here in utah and you have to sit through the class, a background check. the background check is checked every 24 hours after that. >> casey, welcome. you
Dec 29, 2012 10:00am EST
are done enough to come back. i wish you well. -- young enough to come back. i wish you well. and hansen clarke. he was a great guy. it was an honor to serve on this committee with all of you. no matter what they go to next, there will always be friends and colleagues. miss johnson, i think you again for yielding back. at this time, i would like to introduce our panel of witnesses. robert s. walker is a former chairman of this committee. pablo this committee from 1995 to 1997. -- bob led this committee from 1995 to 1997. welcome, bob. retired major-general ronald siegel. he currently serves as vice president enterprise executive for energy in the environment for colorado state university and ohio state university. led a distinguished career in the u.s. air force. d.o.d. executive force base, and prior to that, director of defense research and technology. he flew two space shuttles. we certainly welcome you. >> we welcome, honorable marion blakey, president and ceo representing more than 150 leading aerospace manufacturers. ms. thank you served a five-year term as administrator of the f.a
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)